Eastwest Yonder

Eastwest Yonder one of our young Gaited Morgan stallions. Shown as reference stallion of future Gaited Morgans For Sale.

Jellico Twilight Morn

Jellico Twilight Morn is one of our young home bred mares forming a basis for our future Gaited Morgans breeding program. Shown as reference of future Gaited Morgans for Sale

Westwind Joaquin

One of several Gaited Morgans via action shown in video section below. Reference for future Gaited Morgans for Sale.

Jellico Gaited Morgans

Gaited Morgans

Jellico Gaited Morgans are naturally gaited and smooth as glass for the glide of your life! And as a bonus, Jellico Gaited Morgans for Sale come in a rainbow of rare colors and carry the Splash White Gene. Gaited Morgan stallions and mares shown as references of future Morgans For Sale.


Gaited Morgan - Mares

We consider our Gaited Morgan mares to be the cornerstone of our future. Many are line bred to the best examples of previous breeding programs. As such, they consistently produce strongly Gaited Morgans with excellent breed type. Reference mares for future Gaited Morgans for Sale.

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Gaited Morgan - Videos

A great way to see "Naturally Gaited Morgans" in action ----videos---enjoy. Shown will be the sires and dams of future Gaited Morgans for Sale at Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans.

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Gaited Morgan - Stallions

We are very proud of our versatile, tractible Gaited Morgan stallions. Our boys represent some of the finest Gaited Morgan breeding from Silvershoe, Mary Mel, and Westwind Joaquin which represents a Gaited Morgan outcropping Western Working Warner/Sweets breeding programs. These three have or will produce consistently smooth riding Gaited Morgans. Shown as reference for future offspring for sale.

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